Control Panel Systems

Our control panel systems are designed and built by the very same team of engineers and technicians that design and build our power systems. Their intimate knowledge of how the power system is designed to function, enables the creation of a control panel system that is able to execute just that, flawlessly.
Our system controls provide more a high degree of functionality and robust controls and are designed for various applications

  • Data centers
  • Hospitals
  • High-tech manufacturing facilities
  • Commercial buildings
  • Transportation systems
  • Microgrids
  • And many more

Fuel Storage & Distribution Systems

While generator sets do have their own internal fuel tank that feeds them directly, in many cases, a much larger capacity is required to extend the genset’s running time. Various considerations must be made with regards to the installation of an external fuel storage system, such as: location, materials, dimensions, components of the tank, and most importantly, compliance with regulations governing fuel storage. Having installed and commissioned hundreds of power systems that require an external fuel storage system, En-Syst is well positioned to handle all of the requirements in terms of the design, build, and compliance of external fuel storage systems.

Exhaust Systems

Our team of engineers constantly strive to innovate and upgrade our processes, leading to the adoption of modular construction products, one of which is the exhaust systems we supply. We have an official partnership with Cheminées Poujoulat, an European manufacturer of modular-styled metal chimneys, to utilize their chimneys with our power systems.

Customized Enclosures

We provide a wide range of standardized as well as customized enclosures which include; Weatherproof, Containered, 2 and 4 hour fire-rated, Acoustic Attenuated, and DNV Certified enclosures.