Job Description

The position holder is responsible for conducting workshops and carrying out on-site tasks for equipment installation.

Key Tasks: 

  • To assist and collect material at the supplier warehouse (loading/unloading)
  • Upon reaching the site, assist in unloading equipment or material.
  • Helping others while at the site as a general worker.
  • Able to use electrical and manual tools for the installation of equipment.
  • Assist in keeping the area clean upon completion of daily tasks at the site and in the workshop.
  • Able to send workers to and from the office and site by using company vehicles.
  • Clean the vehicle weekly and ensure the loading area is free from debris and rubbish.
  • Able to perform installation of equipment and handle electrical and manual tools on-site or at the workshop.
  • Capable of adhering to the instructions given by the site supervisor and offering assistance to the supervisor on-site, if required.
  • Collect material from the supplier warehouse, if required.


  • Candidate must possess at least Secondary School/O Level, Higher Secondary/Pre-U/’A’ Level
  • Have general knowledge of electrical tools and machines operation
  • Possess valid Singapore class 3 driving licence.

Personal Competencies: 

  • Hardworking and self-motivated
  • Good team player

Job Highlights:

  • Positive working environment
  • 5 Days Work Week
  • Attractive job package
  • Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA)
  • Age-Friendly Workplace Practices

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